who is this little aesthete?

my name is andreea popa

i am a tiny editrix. hunter and gatherer. easily bored. difficult. very curious. restless. friend. free lancer. polyglot. badly adjusted. citizen of the world. non judgmental. freedom seeker. innate cool hunter. beginner writer. failed artist. partly introvert.

i occasionally guest post: the cool hunter, revista arte si meserii, alomoda.ro,  imperatortravel.rovice.roginger groupdada.ro.

find the little aesthete on facebook, , pinterest and twitter.

also, if you have anything to share/ask, try lilaesthet at yahoo dot com.
thank you very much for having checked out my stuff! see you soon!

    • Dave
    • October 29th, 2010

    good luck in your endeavor! :)

  1. Hi :)

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